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Are you overwhelmed or unsure what legal planning needs to be in place, why you need it, or what it should cost?

Do you have a will, trust or other legal document in place to protect your loved ones? Are you unclear what it will or will not do or whether it will actually protect your family when you need it?

Why watch the free webinar?

If your assets are disorganized, you need to watch my free course.

If you waste your time and mental energy worrying about what legal documents you need in place to protect your loved ones, then you need to watch my free course.

If you have always thought you don't actually need an estate plan, then you need to watch my free course.

How do I protect my loved ones today?

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Don't spend another minute worrying whether or not your loved ones will be taken care of if something happened to you.

​Roxanne will guide you to take charge and be sure you have done the right thing for your family. What are you waiting for?

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Although the webinar is geared to families with minor children, I spend a lot of time explaining estate planning issues that everyone has to contend with:

* Who would take my assets if I'm gone?

* Who would make medical decisions for me if I'm sick?

*Can I protect my children's inheritance from divorce or bankruptcy?

I also go into a lot of details about how traditional estate planning leaves a lot of dangerous pitfalls that you definetly want to avoid.

Plus-- at the end of the webinar I offer over $1000 worth of FREE GIFTS and DISCOUNTS. Take advantage now because this webinar is new, once it is more established we will limit the free gifts.