Help your child do Basic Estate Planning so you can be there for them in an emergency.

Once a child turns 18, parents lose the legal ability to make decisions for their child or even to find out basic information. Learning you will not be able to see your college student’s grades without his/her permission can be mildly frustrating, but a medical emergency can take this frustration to a completely different level. If the child is incapacitated and unable to give permission, the parents (or a sibling or another person) will have to go to court and ask for permission to obtain information about the student’s medical condition, be able to make decisions about treatment, and have access to the student’s financial records and accounts.

Our Fledgling Plan includes everything your child needs to empower you to help them.


  • Manage bank & investment accounts.
  • Deal with credit cards and creditors.
  • Interact with landlords and insurance companies.
  • Carry out financial tasks for a child who is traveling or deployed.
  • Manage student loans and financial aid.


  • Make health care decisions if your child is incapacitated.
  • Make choices about who provides your child's care.
  • Avoid court-appointed guardians.
  • Direct end-of-life treatment decisions.
  • HIPAA Release Form Included! - Designed to cover all health care providers.

It’s included, period.

All of our estate plans are flat fee. No surprises. Our proprietary Fledgling Plan is included in even our most basic estate plan package for families with children between the ages of 18-22 because your child is our top priority.

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