Inner Circle Program

The Inner Circle program is part of the estate planning process at Fine Point Law, but mostly it isn’t a legal thing.

It’s a heart thing.

It’s a safety thing.

It’s a love thing.

We include this with even our most basic plans, because we love our clients.

How easily will your family and friends coordinate with each other if something happens to you?

Let’s set up your Inner Circle because…

  • Your family and friends need to be able to easily contact each other in an emergency.
  • If you get dementia or some other type of confusion it’s vital that your family knows who you trusted before… and who you didn’t.
  • If you are nursing an injury and need a meal train, transportation or hospital visits it’s critical that your friends and family coordinate.
  • If you go missing your friends and family need to be able to communicate easily. Maybe you just forgot your phone and your worried child can be soothed with a call to your friend.
  • If your friends or family throw you a surprise birthday bash they need to know who to invite!
  • If you die, you want all of the people you love most to be invited to your memorial.

…and for so much more.

The Inner Circle program of Fine Point Law was created by our founding attorney, Roxanne Olson, after her mother lost her home in a Typhoon in Yutu, over 5,000 miles away.

It was crushing to be so far away and frustrating to have to dig through old Facebook posts and emails to connect with her mom’s local family of friends to coordinate help in the days after the disaster struck. Now, there’s a better way.

Set up a Legacy Planning Session today so we can help you create your Inner Circle.