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Wills - Trusts - Estates

Legacy Planning Session

"Paying for a will or trust without gettting educated on what your family needs (and what it doesn't!) is like going to a used car sales lot when you haven't done any research on cars."


A comprehensive Family Wealth Inventory

to help you get extremely organized and set the stage so your attorney can do a thorough analysis of your unique situation.

Attorney time reviewing your Family Wealth Inventory and your other financial documents analyzing tax, inheritance, and liability aspects so when you come in for your session your attorney is prepared and ready.

Attorney time reviewing any prior estate planning documents with a 50-point analysis. Every estate plan is unique so your attorney has to carefully consider every line.

A two-hour planning session with your attorney to learn about the tax, inheritance and liability laws that apply to your unique situation and design the estate plan that fits you and your goals. At Fine Point Law there is no such thing as a standard plan. We spend so much time educating you we often refer to this as a

Family Legacy Private Seminar.

A frank and eye-opening discussion on sensitive matters relating to child guardianship, your health care as you age, and how to set up emergency safety nets for help in a crisis.

Our estate plans always include one of our popular programs: Child Safety Net System, Inner Circle, or a Fledgling Package -- at no additional cost.

Legacy Planning Session costs $750 or $950 if you have prior documents you want us to review. Watch the video on this page to get a discount!

Legal Services for Trustees and Executors

When the role of Trustee or Executor falls on you often times there is a whole family relying on you getting it right. Unfortunately, there are a lot of legal landmines when you are helping close out a loved ones estate and, if done improperly, the explosions can affect relationships for generations. The good news is that there is a lot of opportunity to maximize distributions with proper tax & legal strategy. We have created organized, fail safe systems for our clients so you know you are in full compliance with the law and the wishes of your deceased family.

Initial consultation includes a complete evaluation of the estate documents and assets. $950.00. Receipt provided for estate billing purposes.


This year give the gift of peace of mind by booking a Legacy Planning Session for your loved one.

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Business Start Up Strategy Session

We analyze your business idea from every legal perspective -- entity choice, tax strategy, protecting intellectual property, and founders agreements.

Fine Point Business Audit and Strategy Session

We analyze everything you've got and educate you on where you are at currently with your business legal foundation. You will come away organized and positioned with sound legal, tax, insurance and finacial advice.

Both consultations are comprehensive and cost $1,250.00. Receipt provided for tax purposes.


Real Estate Services

Answering your questions regarding community property, separate property, tenancy-in-common, joint tenancy, intergenerational co-ownership.

Processing real estate transactions between friends and family (transfering real estate, easements, and/or water rights).

Assisting executors, personal representatives and trustees to carry out their duties and minimize taxes with real estate.

If you have other real estate needs please call or email us first to make sure we handle the type of matter.

$450.00 for this 45 minute initial consultation.

Pre-Marital or Post Marital and Life Partner Consultation

Answering your questions regarding community property, separate property, and joint tenancy. Especially useful for second marriages or any marriage where one party has more property than the other party. This consultation is also useful for people who have chosen not to legally marry their life partners.

If you are also interested in doing your estate planning (wills and trusts) then please sign up for a Legacy Planning Session. It is more comprehensive than this consultation and it does include analysis of community vs separate property.

$450.00 for this 45 minute initial consultation. *This consultation is an initial meeting without a pre-review of your assets. If you want us to do a full review of your assets ahead of time please schedule a Legacy Planning Session so we can send you a Family Wealth Inventory.

General Legal Consulting

Have a legal issue that doesn't fit with one of these categories? Use this link to book an appointment. It is a good idea to contact us first to ask if it is the type of matter that we can address. Once you have blocked time on our legal advice calendar the fee is not refundable. Please DO NOT use this link to book an initial consultation for business planning, real estate or estate planning.

Rate: $550/hour

$450 for this 45 minute initial consultation .

Current clients who have already paid a retainer use this link to book appointments.